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What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue rubdown is a type of massage remedy that specializes in realigning the deeper layers of muscles, connective tissue, and fascia. The massage therapist uses gradual, concentrated deep pressure strokes on regions of hysteria and pain with the dreams of improving variety of motion, enhancing posture, lowering strain, lowering ache and assist in recovery from injury. Deep tissue rubdown is commonly executed over a localized region of the body. The term deep tissue rubdown is generally used to refer to precise treatment work on a localized place and is regularly pressured with deep pressure rub down, that is a complete frame massage the use of deep stress.

At Blaine Healing Arts Massage Therapy we usually combine deep tissue with other rubdown modalities to offer precise treatment work and full body relaxation on the identical time.
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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

o Relief from chronically nerve-racking and shriveled areas inclusive of neck, decrease returned, shoulders, and so on.
O Relief from strain-tension complications
o Relief from chronic pain
o Relief of muscle anxiety and spasm
o Treatment of and relief from cause points, adhesions, and scar tissue
o Increased range of motion and mobility
o Recovery from injuries and injuries (whiplash, falls, sports injuries)
o Treatment and alleviation of repetitive movement and pressure accidents (carpal tunnel syndrome, overused muscle mass and joints associated with overuse)
o Treatment of postural troubles permitting the body to return to its ideal resting state
o Relief from osteoarthritis pain
o Relief from ache associated with fibromyalgia
o Increase blood and oxygen circulation
o Decrease the prevalence of muscle cramps

What to Expect During a Deep Tissue Massage.

A deep tissue rub down does no longer must hurt to be powerful. There can be some pain or pain sooner or later at some point of the rub down, especially in localized areas surrounding the injury. It is vital to inform the rubdown therapist if there’s ache; particularly if the ache is out of doors your comfort degree. Remember, we are operating with you to offer the high-quality possible rubdown revel in for you. We can adjust our pressure to provide you extra or less strain depending for your preferences. Our intention is not to harm you; it is to assist for your restoration manner!

After a deep tissue rub down there may be a few stiffness, achiness, or discomfort in a localized areas that lasts a day or two. It is extraordinarily advocated to use ice after a deep tissue massage and any time you sense pain. Ice will assist in the recovery procedure and help your body heal. If the soreness lasts more than 48 hours please inform your rub down therapist at the subsequent session. It is also endorsed to drink water earlier than and after a massage. By preserving your body hydrated you will decrease the probability of muscle cramps and discomfort.

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